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Welcome to Eagleview Gaited Mules located in Columbia, Missouri. We hope that as you spend some time on our site you will come to know and appreciate the many fantastic qualities of Gaited mules. Our goal is to sell you a smooth riding gaited mule that will give you years of safe, pleasurable riding.

If you are new to gaited mules, then come and visit this site often as we will post valuable information that is specific to the training of gaited mules and we will also keep you informed as to availability and the training progress of the individual mules that we are offering.

If you desire information on our stock of gaited mules or our services please contact:

Eagleview Gaited Mules, 3050 Nebo Cemetery Road, Columbia, MO 65203
573.881.0324 (Cell)


Contact: manager@eagleviewgaitedmules.com