About Gaited Mules

What is a Gaited Mule?
A gaited mule is the result of breeding a gaited jack ( a male donkey ) to a gaited mare, such as a Missouri Foxtrotter, Tennessee Walker, Spotted Saddle Horse, or Paso Fino. The result of these breedings will produce a mule that will do a flat walk, running walk, foxtrot, or a racking gait. These gaits will give you a very smooth and pleasurable ride similar to a gaited horse. Riding a gaited mule will give you hours, day in and day out, of easy riding pleasure going down the road or through the timber.

The mules we sell at EAGLEVIEW GAITED MULES are well socialized, willing to please, gentle, and obedient to your commands and have good ground manners. They will have been ridden on a regular basis with lots of trail miles crossing water, ditches, and obstacles that you would expect to find on the trail. Our mules will be exposed to dogs, tractors, lawnmowers, and vehicles. They will load, clip, stand for farrier. They will be up to date on all shots and coggins.

Dave and Lane